HD en surround audio voor Blu-Ray

Jazz World Classical Concert opnames

Remote-controlled HD-opnames

De nieuwe HD video keus voor Het
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HD en surround audio voor Blu-Ray


PolyCast uses six Panasonic AW-HC1800 High-Definition box cameras. This is Panasonic’s top model. These cameras are supplemented with three 17x7.7 and 3 22x7.6 Canon HD lenses with extender. In addition, there is a HD handheld camera or for fixed (i.e. conductor) shots.

The cameras can also be employed as handheld cameras, so that cameramen can, for instance, stand on the podium. Extra cameras can also be incorporated, for instance cameras with zoom lenses.

The remote controllers and remote heads are also from Panasonic. They are extremely quiet heads that have an enormous speed and flexibility. It is possible to make store pre-sets for many camera positions and movements.

The direction and shading (colour correction) positions have to most modern equipment. For the shading we have use of a calibrated Sony ‘Oled’ monitor.

The PolyCast remote set can provide complete stand-alone TV productions. The set can be also part of a large multi-camera productions, utilising an O.B. (Outside Broadcast) van.