4K / HD and surround audio

Jazz World Classical Concert opnames

Remote-controlled 4K en HD opnamen

De nieuwe 4K / HD video keus voor
Het Concertgebouw en andere concertzalen.

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4K / HD and surround audio

Our Team

However great the equipment, it is the people that most effect the quality of a production. That is true for the camera operators, for the director, for the score advisors, vision mixer, etc.

PolyCast has a “pool” of highly qualified professionals. The remote operators all have extensive experience in large television productions. We work with well-known and well-respected directors.
The client decides how many people are hired for the production. PolyCast can advise on the choice of a director, but the client can also appoint their own director.

 A director can do his/her own switching, but a  separate vision mixer can also be hired. A large team for a TV production can include a director, assistant director, vision mixer, a score-reader, a shader, one to three remote camera operators, and an audio engineer. For an average production two or three remote camera operators, a director (doing the switching himself), a  shader, and an audio engineer can be utilised.