4K / HD and surround audio

Jazz World Classical Concert opnames

Remote-controlled 4K en HD opnamen

De nieuwe 4K / HD video keus voor
Het Concertgebouw en andere concertzalen.

Innovatief en state-of-the-art faciliteiten

4K / HD and surround audio

About Polycast

PolyCast Productions B.V. was founded by Polyhymnia International in Baarn and Castus culture*music*media in Soest.

Polyhymnia International

Polyhymnia International B.V. is a classical recording company with clients world-wide. Polyhymnia has for many years made live CD and radio recordings at the Concertgebouw, and also manages the Concertgebouw’s in-house audio studio.

Polyhymnia makes state-of-the-art recordings on location, and provides post-production, mastering, and multimedia services. With a specialised team and an extensive range of high-end equipment and facilities, Polyhymnia provides a large variety of services to suit their clients’ needs. Polyhymnia International specialises in recording and post-production for Super Audio CD and DVD Audio, both in stereo and multichannel. Many of their recordings are even used as demo and/or reference recordings for these formats.


Castus culture*music*media

Castus is a creative organisation. Culture, music, media, and communication are the pillars of their activity, where connecting people, organisations, ideas, and creativity play a central role.

Castus produces radio, television, and music productions, as well as special visual and aural “experiences” such as 3-D super-surround installations.

Castus provides both artistic and technical support for projects. Castus also advises on artistic and technical policy, especially within the cultural sector, for both the government and institutions.